American Seal and Packing has been in business in Southern California since 1989. We lead the way in mechanical seals sales, and also offer mechanical seal repairs. The mechanical seal companies we represent include: Flow Serve, AST, Flex-A-Seal, Durametallic, Borg Warner, Sepco, Burgmann, American Seal and Packing and Utex Industries.

Mechanical Seal Types: Pump Seals, Spring Seals, In-line seals, metal bellows seals, cartridge seals, multi-spring seals, type 8 seals, type 9 seals, Chesterton equals, Equals, Utex seals

The pump and valve packing companies we represent include: Utex, RM, SEPCO, JM Clipper, Chemstar, Palmetto and others.

Our Gasket manufacturers include: Donex, Durabla Manufacturing, Task-line, JM Clipper and Klinger. We will even sell Garlock when requested.

Our gaskets and o-rings, pump and valve packing, molded rubber and extruded rubber are of the finest quality made anywhere in the world. We also offer v-packing, o-ring cord, o-ring kits, packing tools, non-asbestos sheet gasketing, cut gaskets, hand hole and man hole gaskets, spiral wound gaskets, textiles, tadpole tape, gasket bolt hole tape and drop warp tape.

Other products include:

Gaskets, cut gaskets, gasket material, Gylon equals, filled PTFE, Flexitallic equals, Garlock equals,, oring, orings, o-rings, o-ring kits, o-ring, Grafoil , flexible graphite, , PTFE Joint Sealant, Gore-Tex, spiral wound gaskets, metal gaskets, heat exchanger gaskets, extruded rubber, rubber cord, molded rubber, rubber extrusions, expansion joints, compressor seals, pump seals, metal expansion joints, rubber joints, PTFE joints, PTFE , molded PTFE, machined PTFE parts, PTFE o-rings, Viton o-rings, Viton seals, Viton gaskets, die formed packing, textiles, fiberglass cloth, fiberglass tape, silica cloth, silica tapes, Thermotex cloth, Thermotex tape, ceramic cloth, ceramic tape, lip seals, radial lip seals, injectable packing, flexible graphite, GrafoilViton , Buna-N, Silicone, SBR, tadpole tape, NBR, fiberglass sleeving, fire sleeve, Nitrile, Kalrez, Ceramics, Carbon, Tungsten Carbide, Silicon Carbide, Ni-resist,  Etc..