GRAFOIL® Valve Packing Sets

Grafoil Valve Set Grafoil Soot Blower Felible Graphite Set Grafoil-DGS
Carbon End Rings with cup & cone set Soot Blower Packing Set Cup & Cone lower Rings FG & wire ends Copper with GRAFOIL® material
Cup and Cone Grafoil Wire Mesh End Rings Carbon End Rings with Grafoil Thermabraid End Rings Grafoil
Short Stack VOC set All Cup & Cone design set w/ Braided Die Formed End Rings Carbon End Rings with Cup & Cone GRAFOIL® Ring Set with Flexible Graphite & wire mesh end rings

We supply a wide range of Sets made with GRAFOIL® Flexible Graphite comes in a wide range of materials. Not only do you have a choice of the grade of GRAFOIL® material, but also the shape, Density and combination of materials it can be constructed with (generally wire).

Valve Packing Set Construction:

Valve Packing sets can be various combinations to overcome application difficulties, including extrusion, abrasives, wear rates, VOC leak rates, etc.

Ring Flexible Graphite Cup and Cone Thermabraid End Rings 1303 Cup combination
Standard DF Ring

Cup & Cone GRAFOIL®

Die Formed Braided Graphite End Ring
Inconel/Graphite End Ring with DF Cup

End Rings for Valve sets

Can range from GRAFOIL®, die formed rings & Inconel (or other metal), Carbon Yarn, Carbon Yarn & Flexible Graphite etc...

Carbon Yarn PTFE coated Carbon Packing Flexible Graphite carbon corners Inconel Graphite 1303 Ring
Carbon Yarn with PTFE
Carbon Yarn 850 F
Flexible Graphite & Carbon Yarn Corners
Inconel Wire & Flexible Graphite